For young people who have lost regular interaction with a parent to life events such as divorce, addiction, death, being surrendered for adoption or other reasons; the motivation to make consistently healthy life choices is hiding in hibernation. 


Awakening Youth offers a therapeutic living experience which creates an environment to enable young people to awaken the motivation to be their best selves.  We ignite vision, build relationships, and restore families. We cultivate the dormant potential that has been lost to trauma so that young people may come to know God as they come to know themselves. 


It is the mission of Awakening Youth to empower young men and women to realize positive change in their lives through igniting vision, building relationships, and restoring families.


Every young man and woman is to be equipped to accomplish the highest purposes for which God created them.

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A documentary detailing the harrowing journey of Brian and Jennea Welch growing up together with their radical courage and unconventional faith. This coming-of-age story grapples with teenage depression, the quest for identity, and the hope of a father willing to do whatever it takes for his daughter. The story of this family is a unique display of how Awakening Youth can tailor a program to an individual and their family.